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Memoirs of a Nobody

My thoughts usually revolve around hot guys getting it on with each other...

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Birthdate:Jan 18
Location:Riddle, Oregon, United States of America
Website:Beauty Within
Thirty-something wannabe writer who writes for various fandoms that strikes her fancy.

Honestly, that's about it about me. I spend most of my life attached to this damn computer unless I actually need to visit reality which is rare.

Contained within are my rants, my life, my writings and Honest and open, my life where nothing is hidden.

Deal with it or fuck off.


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Date Created:12.14.01
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Saitaina is a slash writer who has been known to take up dares for odd pairings. Most often found in the Harry Potter fandom she has appeared in everything from Sherlock Holmes to Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
Strengths: Loyal, bouncy, in touch with her inner child, The Quill of Death, willing to take a chance, lives life to the fullest when possible.
Weaknesses: Narcassistic, sarcastic, inner sheilds, distrustful, overly cautious, angoraphobe.
Special Skills: Acting, Writing, The ability to boil down human behavior into two primal urges.
Weapons: The Quill of Death, Glare, Two swords, Dracula's Kiss and Arthur's Crown, and a dagger, Jack's Revenge.
Favorite Quote: "The mystery is not how Washington works...but how to make it stop."

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